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Palm Lakes Elementary

Pre-K to First grade Teachers

Our teachers have that special gift that makes learning fun for our younger students.


Photo: Pre-K teacher Mrs. Arango

photo: Pre-K teacher Mrs. Conseillant

photo: Pre-K teacher Mrs. Marte

Photo: Pre-K teacher Mrs. Martin

photo: Pre-K teacher Mrs. Paytuvi

Kindergarten Teachers

Our teachers set up their students to be successful readers.

photo: Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. J. Rodriguez

photo: kindergarten teacher Mrs. Reyes

photo: kindergarten taeacher Mrs. S. Sanchez

First Grade Teachers

Mrs. D. Fernandez

Mrs. E. Gonzalez

photo: First Grade Teacher Mrs. A. Soto

7450 West 16th Avenue                    Hialeah, FL33014                    

Phone: 305.823.6970                    
Fax: 305.828.6136 

School Board
Rep. Perla Tabares-Hantman, Chair
District 4