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Dear Palm Lakes Parents,

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! We are excited about having the opportunity to provide your children with a quality education at our outstanding school. Thanks to the efforts of our faculty, staff, students and parents, our school nurtures students to develop a love for learning! We have much work to do to increase academic achievement amongst all of our students. Our past accomplishments prove that working together can guarantee your child’s academic, social, and emotional success.
As we begin a new school year, we encourage each of you to evaluate the importance of creating life long learners. We must emphasize the benefits of hard work and commitment to our youngsters and instill in them a love for learning, as well as a love for reading. Children need to understand at a young age that school is a priority and that the family values and supports the school community. We want your children to be proud of their school and happy to be a part of it.
We encourage each of you to become involved in your child’s education. Come to parent workshops. Join the PTA. Volunteer in a classroom. Read aloud to your child. Chaperone a field trip. The task of teaching our youngsters needs to be a shared responsibility between the home and the school. We look forward to working with our students and families during this school year to make our students the best they can be academically and to help them become productive citizens of our society.
The Parent/Student handbook is to be used as a reference for issues concerning the operation of the school. We encourage parents and students to become familiar with our policies and cooperate with the school personnel to enforce them. If you ever need clarification with a policy, please call the school at (305) 823-6970 and give us the opportunity to assist you.
Here are just a few reminders to keep in mind throughout the year.

  • Supervision starts at 7:30 a.m. Children should not be dropped off before 7:30 by parents and/or bus drivers. We need your cooperation with this important safety matter. There is one drop off area- the drive thru/drop off in the back of the modular building (enter at 17th Ave.). Under no circumstances should children be dropped off in the parking lots. We need everyone's cooperation with this matter.
  • West 16th Ave. is used as a bus drop off zone in the morning. Please do not park your vehicles in this area, since they will block the drive-thru. Also, vehicles may not be left unattended in the parent drop off/pick up area behind the modular building.
  • Children are expected to arrive on time daily. All students will line up inside the main building.
  • Children should remain in school all day unless they become ill, in which case the parents will be notified. As per School Board Policy, students must be present for a minimum of two hours to be marked present for the school day. This policy will be strictly enforced. Early dismissals should only take place in case of a family emergency. Please make all appointments for your kids after school hours, whenever possible. This year, we will monitor early dismissals and report extreme cases to the district office.
  • Parking in the morning is available in the large corner parking lot (West 76th Street and 16th Ave.) Parent spaces have been painted yellow in the large lot. We realize that parking is very limited, so please be patient and understanding. The small parking lot behind the modular two-story building is for staff only.
  • PLE is a mandatory uniform school. So far, all the kids look great in their uniforms. Please note that children may not wear sandals to school for their own safety. We appreciate your cooperation. If you need information about uniforms, call the main office at (305) 823-6970.
  • If your child is not on free/reduced lunch, we encourage you to pay in advance for your own convenience and peace of mind. Please see our cafeteria manager or assistant manager for more information.
  • Children must be picked up promptly at dismissal, which is 1:50 p.m. for K and 1, and 3:05 p.m. for 2nd-5th. Please note that all students are released at 1:50 p.m. on Wednesdays. Remember, school is only one component of your child's education. The guidance, nurturing and support you offer your children at home will help build a strong social-emotional foundation, which they need for life. We ask that each of you support us at the school site in preparing our children for life!
  • Please remember to visit our website http://palmlakes.dadeschools.net for the latest news and upcoming activities. We will keep you posted on the latest happenings at our school. I want to thank our Palm Lakes faculty and staff, as well as the parents and children of our great, great school. Thank you for your continued support. Together we can make a difference! Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you.
Alina Iglesias
Mrs. Iglesias
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